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Hey Candy persists to be 100% hand-made to create colourful and tasty candies with special skills.
Our feature Rock candy and Lollipop can be custom made according to your favourite favour, texts or pattern or even corporate logo!
If you don't have an idea? No worries, our candy creator can design the best for you.
"Sweetness" is always touching, meaning to stay together, to be fortunate and pleasures.
We can make your "sweetness" come true!
We can tailor made any texts or graphics with your favourite taste, you will definitely love it.
Are you ready to offer your premium clients and guests a sincerest memory during
their special days or in festivals?
We provide you with unique handmade candies which you could custom your company logo or name and this will make your gift the most unforgettable!
Wedding should be one of the most
treasurable memory in life.
Are you still figuring what to return to your guests? In such a big day, we recommend our sweet
special made candies!
We can put your names or patterns on your
candies, what a marvellous way to
remember your big moment!
Keep the sweet promises and to spread the happiness to all the guests!
You can show your love from your 100% self made lollipop to your beloved ones!
We are offering handmade candy classes for small group of friends and teach you to make the special and the only ONE sweetest
candy to be used as gifts for them.
Interactive factors are vital for all sorts of events, but guess what? Invite our candy creator to perform a live show of a demonstration
of the productions of candies.
All the guests will definitely enjoy and be able to taste the new freshly made candies!
This would definitely raise popularity of
your functions!
Setting up a new decoration or an
installation to a location?
We can give you a brand new idea with our creative and artistic candy bar! There's nothing can compare.
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